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Data: 16 March 2017
Report on foreign direct investments in Poland

We would like to draw your attention to the following Report, compiled by Polityka Insight, about the importance that Foreign Direct Investments have had in the development and growth of the Polish economy over the last 25 years.

However, the contribution that FDI has given to Poland is not quantifiable only from an economic point of view, but is also part of a process of political and social change that occurred after the fall of the communist regime, when there was the need to meet the growing consumption and to privatise the companies previously owned by the state.

Since then, and especially after the entry into the EU in 2004, foreign companies that have decided to invest in Poland have been increasing year after year. As a result, Poland is now in the middle rank of the OECD countries in terms of share of FDI in economy, between Germany and Japan, and close to such countries as Norway, New Zealand and Spain.

Foreign Direct Investments have also played a key role in the introduction of new technologies and the latest innovations in corporate culture, allowing Polish national companies to be integrated into the globalised economy.

Thanks to this and to the significant resources allocated to train their own Polish managers and employees, there has been a steady increase in productivity over the years and a greater economic stability.

We therefore kindly invite you to read this report, and we remain at your disposal for any question or further information.

The report is an inspiration for a new series of events, i.e. FDI Debates.


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