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Nazwa firmy: Salans D.Oleszczuk Kancelaria Prawnicza sp.k.
Data: 19 January 2012
End of a dispute over the contract to build Opole Power Plant
The KIO’s decision meant success for the awarding body – PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna – and of the entire PGE group. It brings to an end a 2-year process for selecting the construction tender winner and paves the way for this PLN 11.5 billion investment getting underway. Timely delivery in 2017 will help ensure future energy security for Poland. The motion for the appeal to be rejected was submitted on behalf of the awarding body at a KIO meeting by Aldona Kowalczyk of Salans. The public procurement team headed by Aldona Kowalczyk produced documents proving that the appeal against the tender outcome was filed by an Alstom company other than that which participated in the proceedings. This is yet another key investment which will get underway without much delay due to professional support for the awarding body in appeal proceedings. The same Salans team represented the City of Warsaw, among others, in a tender for the construction of Most Północny (North Bridge) which ended with the selection of the best offer.

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