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Nazwa firmy: BALAJCZA Specialized Translations - Controlling Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Data: 17 October 2014
Balajcza a partner to the Lean Best Practices Forum

We are proud to announce BALAJCZA’s partner status at the “Lean Best Practices Forum” which was held in September of this year.

It was BALAJCZA’s responsibility to look after consecutive interpreting at the event. Appearances and presentation by the Toyota Business Strategy expert Dag Lotsander were interpreted by us.

Lean Best Practices Forum is the offspring of Open Lean Conference Organisers attempting to integrate the Lean circles. In organising the largest event in Poland dedicated to continuous improvement, a real need was discovered for benchmarking experiences and mutually seeking solutions which could aid organisations to efficiently implement numerous improvement concepts.

In order to meet these expectations head on, the Lean Best Practices Forum met in Warsaw for the first time in 2014 - a meeting of Lean practitioners geared towards integration, exchange of best practices and looking to focus on a different lead theme every year, the model of which was jointly developed over the 2-day event.

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