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Nazwa firmy: Mazars
Data: 15 June 2016
CEE tax systems continue to be stable - MAZARS Central & Eastern Europe Tax Brochure 2016
Mazars  has  published  its  fourth  annual regional tax summary, covering  the most important issues of current  tax  regimes  of the  Central  and  Eastern Europe (CEE) countries.  It shows, among other things, that tax competition between different countries in the region entered a new phase that involves closer cooperation between those countries in order to prevent tax frauds.

Mazars tax advisors from selected countries define the most important new legal and regulatory trends of fiscal policies in the CEE region.

“The aim of report remains the same. Mazars, the leading audit and tax consultancy firm , wants to  provide investors interested in the region with focused information about tax in the CEE countries, and also to enable them to compare various competitiveness factors” said Kinga Baran, tax advisor, director of the Tax Advisory Department at Mazars’ Warsaw office.

“As a whole, this year’s survey finds that the region’s tax systems have been relatively stable over the past few years. No further structural changes have been necessary to address post-crisis deficit issues, and each country is moving forward with its own strategy” adds Kinga Baran.

Nevertheless there is fine-tuning everywhere. In previous years Hungary led the way with innovative tax solutions related to the financial crisis, however in 2016 it did not come up with any important innovations. Other CEE countries follow some of regulations that have been introduced in Hungary. One of the examples might be a special sector tax on banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions based on their total assets entered into force in 2016 in Poland, which is similar to the surtax imposed on the Hungarian financial sector.

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