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Data: 15 February 2018
20 years of Swiss investments in PL

Switzerland is one of the richest, best developed and in recent years most innovative countries. Meanwhile, Poland in the last three decades has been catching up with developed countries in Western Europe in terms of civilization and its economy.

According to the report “Cooperation, growth, innovations. 20 years of Swiss investments in Poland”,  which we commissioned Deloitte on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, over the past 20years Polish exports to Switzerland have increased more than nine-fold and Swiss companies have made more than PLN 17,5 billion of foreign direct investments into Poland. At the moment, Swiss companies employ in Poland about 35 000 people. More and more often Polish sectors are responsible for development of the innovative technologies and solutions.

For almost 150 years, Switzerland has been among the global leaders in terms of wealth and economic development. Broad economic freedom, openness to international trade and immigration, stable and predictable laws, low taxes and responsible fiscal policy, as well as excellent dual education system are the most commonly cited sources of the country’s economic success. This Alpine country is perceived by Poles especially for its watches, jewellery, tourism and wealth. However, only few people realize that Switzerland is one of the most innovative countries around the world.

-    Switzerland has been among the global leaders in terms of innovation. Also this year remains at the top of the European and global rankings and is ahead of countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain and Germany- said Marek Szymański, President of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

We would like to encourage you to take a look at the attached press release and publication.

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