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Data: 26 April 2018
Poland second after Czechia. Companies lack employees.Results of the survey on investment climate in Poland.
On 11th April at PAP in Warsaw took place a conference during which the results of the 13th survey on investment climate in Poland were presented.

The Economic Survey was conducted in February and March 2018 by the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with thirteen other bilateral chambers in Poland, operating within the International Group of Chambers of Commerce: American, Austrian, Belgian, British, Canadian, Dutch, French, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Spanish and Swiss. 300 foreign capital companies operating in Poland and approx. 1400 investors in more than a dozen other European countries participated in the survey, which gives the total number of approx. 1700 respondents.

We encourage you to take a look at the survey results and press release.

| Survey results | Press release

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