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Nazwa firmy: Rödl & Partner
Data: 2 October 2019
"MDR reporting in practice" - a brochure by Rödl & Partner experts

Specific examples of tax patterns and answers to the question of whether they are subject to reporting, as well as tips on forms, deadlines and information provided to tax administration authorities - these are the issues raised in the brochure "MDR Reporting in Practice", which was prepared for entrepreneurs by Rödl & Partner experts.

The subject of reporting tax patterns (Mandatory Disclosure Rules - MDR) is currently widely commented on. Due to the lack of established practice, it can cause reporting difficulties, the main one in determining whether an activity should be reported to the tax office or whether it is not subject to reporting. It is worth reaching for a publication describing in an accessible way the steps that should be taken so that the MDR process runs in accordance with the requirements of the legislator.

The publication of Rödl & Partner specialists is a valuable source of knowledge for taxpayers and their advisers who are required to provide tax administration authorities with information considered to be a tax scheme.

You can download the free brochure directly from the Rödl & Partner website: http://www.roedl.net/pl/pl/publikacje/broszury/broszura_raportowanie_mdr_w_praktyce.html

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