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Nazwa firmy: Compendium of knowledge
Data: 9 June 2020
Coronavirus- support for companies

Dear Members,

We encourage you to take a look at our Calendar. Due to the fact that we cannot meet at the moment, we are organizing webinars on the topics important to you in these uncertain times. We have organized the following webinars so far:


- Update on new Polish WHT regime,
- Coronavirus - the greatest challenges and problems of companies due to epidemic,
- Anti-crisis shield,
- Difficult conversations during pandemic - legal and psychological aspects,
- How to cope with uncertainty and stress - practical tips.

Our events calendar is updated continuously, so have a look which webinar is of interest to you.

We have prepared for you a list of articles and publications from our member companies related to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. You will find here information about anti-crisis shield, employers and employee rights and support for your business. Below a few crucial links where to find information about the current situation in Switzerland as well.

- COVID-19 and the “Anti-crisis Shield” – proposals by the government – Crido
* Webinar - New instruments to boost financial liquidity of Polish companies (28.04.2020, 11:00)
* Guide to anti-crisis solutions (in Polish)

- Areas of practice – Gessel
 * BGK actually helpful to business during the epidemic ?
 * The anti-crisis shield – Wage subsidy calculator



- Coronavirus – assistance services – Grant Thornton
* Taxes/ Social Security Contributions, Finance, Legal
* Acconting, HR and Payroll


- Amendment to the Anti-Crisis Shield - Kacprzak Radcy Prawni, office@kacprzak.com.pl
* Labour law
* Commercial Law

- Coronavirus- suport for companies & KMPG Spot – KPMG (in Polish)
* "Digitally ready" (a webinar free of charge), 2.06.2020, 10:00-12:50
* Contact with KMPG experts - mampytanie@kmpg.pl

- Publications, reports – PwC
* Lease agreements and COVID-19 - a practical guide for entrepreneurs
* Interviews prof. Witold Orlowski with experts (in Polish)

- The most important changes indicated in the Anti-Crisis Shield - Sadkowski i Wspólnicy
* Anti-crisis shield
* Public procurement, labour law

- Reports - Sii Sp. z o.o.
* Free report on situation in all parts of the world

- Reports - TAAC Solutions
Special solutions for foreigners being present in Poland during COVID-19 referring to their residence and work permits
* Current entry restrictions in Switzerland


- General information on current situation in Switzerland
- Helpline regarding refusal of entry
- Coronavirus and the economy (in German)
- Education (in German)
- Media brief

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