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Chmieleniecka 8a
84-214 Bożepole Wielkie Polska

Polyester laminate - glass used in the production of our products,has good mechanical properties and very good resistance to weather conditions. It is suitable for use in the production of components in ship industry (boats, canoes, yachts and their interiors), construction (building products, partitions), transport and automotive (car parts, trailers, chassis, containers).

Walczaka 114
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski Polska
+48 95 735 33 33

We increase the competitive advantage of our clients - by providing solutions to constantly develop Team competencies to the next level.

Our Clients: are able to monitor competencies of their teams in "live" mode. They identify educational needs and effectively support the professional development of each employee.

Our clients' teams: use dedicated mobile application - that covers necessary professional knowledge at Their's fingertips.

Through cooperation with leading universities - we support our clients - providing solutions based on the proven methodology of internal education.

All possible with - COURSAIRS - Mobile Academy of Internal Teams Education

Powstańców Śląskich 108C/2
01-466 Warszawa Polska
+22 436 31 07

Helmar is a Polish company. Since long time it represented in Poland some Swiss companies like HAEFELY Test AG, Kistler Instrumente AG, and myon AG. Currently it represents HAEFELY Test AG, and HOCOMA AG. The company has also been developing partnerships with other companies so as to be able always  to offer the customers the widest possible choice of appropriate measuring equipment.

Gen. T. Kutrzeby 10
61-719 Poznań Polska
+48 61 27 11 010

Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań is one of the oldest private universities in Wielkopolska, successfully operating on the Polish educational market for over 20 years.We offer innovative study programs created together with partner companies and institutions such as IBM, WTK, Talex, Robot Gentleman, Game Dust, ICF Poland, RDH Urban, Komputronik, Pixel, Impel, Bitcoin, Goplana, Brand24 and Hays. In total, CDV collaborates with almost 200 partners and 19 foreign universities.  We offer practical bachelor, master and postgraduate studies in various fields such as: management, marketing, information technology, graphic design and education. We also deliver trainings for business and teachers. You will find our detailed offer at cdv.pl

Słowackiego 200
80-298 Gdańsk Polska

The main subject of Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport activity is support services for air freight. The company's goal is to maximize its worth, expand the route map, modernize airport infrastructure and increase its capacity. Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport offers over 70 regular destinations, operated by 12 carriers. Gdansk Airport also encourages to explore an interesting offer of charter flights. The dynamic development of the airport in recent years has made Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport a part of the national, European and global transport system.

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