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Żegańska 18
04-713 Warszawa Polska
+48 518 643 512

The EMC-FORTO company is the only authorized distributor in Poland of AMETEK CTS products (EM TEST, IFI, MILMEGA, TESEQ). Together with the distribution of new products, the offer also includes after-sales service in the scope of updating, extending and calibrating EMC measurement and research devices. We work for our clients providing the highest level of service, from the consultation and analysis phase through the selection of the right solution, delivery, to the implementation phase and throughout the life cycle.

Wiejska 2 lok. 6
00-489 Warszawa Polska
+48 22 467-09-71

The law firm provides legal services in the field of intellectual property and corporate law. We create an intellectual property protection strategy for companies, prepare contracts and represent clients before courts and administrative authorities. We advise companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on conducting business in Poland.

Chomicza 13E
55-080 Nowa Wieś Wrocławska Poland

Sulzer Mixpac AG is a manufacturer and service provider of application and mixing technology for liquid products. The business unit Mixpac is part of the Applicator Systems division within the Sulzer Group. The company is headquartered in Switzerland. In order to ensure optimal customer service, the subsidiaries are located in the United States, Great Britain, Poland, Germany and China.

MIXPAC™ is a registered trademark of Sulzer Mixpac Ltd., Switzerland.

Chmieleniecka 8a
84-214 Bożepole Wielkie Polska

Polyester laminate - glass used in the production of our products,has good mechanical properties and very good resistance to weather conditions. It is suitable for use in the production of components in ship industry (boats, canoes, yachts and their interiors), construction (building products, partitions), transport and automotive (car parts, trailers, chassis, containers).

Walczaka 114
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski Polska
+48 95 735 33 33

We increase the competitive advantage of our clients - by providing solutions to constantly develop Team competencies to the next level.

Our Clients: are able to monitor competencies of their teams in "live" mode. They identify educational needs and effectively support the professional development of each employee.

Our clients' teams: use dedicated mobile application - that covers necessary professional knowledge at Their's fingertips.

Through cooperation with leading universities - we support our clients - providing solutions based on the proven methodology of internal education.

All possible with - COURSAIRS - Mobile Academy of Internal Teams Education

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