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Services for Members

The Chamber acts as a service centre for its members. It constitutes a platform for sharing experience and knowledge, organises events that promote business relations, serves as an advisor, as well as takes a position on issues that are of importance for its member companies (lobbying). The Chamber fulfils its aims through:

  • Swissness in Poland - regular network meetings (business mixers), organised in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy in Poland and Swiss Business Hub Poland
  • Business breakfasts - an opportunity for politicians and representatives of business groups and organisations to share information on the latest issues with Members of the Chamber, and learn about their problems
  • Sector-specific meetings - meetings for Polish and Swiss companies organised, i.e., during trade fairs as a part of sector-specific projects for member companies
  • Networking events - New Year's meetings, International Business Meeting
  • Swiss Executive Training - a series of trainings for executives of Polish companies. The Chamber invites the best speakers from renowned Swiss business schools
  • Seminars - provide information on new legal and tax regulations, prepared by leading law firms and other advisory companies
  • Conferences and other economic events aimed at promoting bilateral economic relations
Information from member companies

A member company may publish its news on the website of the Chamber, and thus inform other members and guests visiting the website about its current activities. more

  • Swiss Business Directory Poland - a catalogue of member companies and other Swiss companies operating in Poland
  • Polsko-Szwajcarskie Know-How - a series of brochures presenting conditions of conducting business in Poland. The brochures are a joint publication of the Chamber, Swiss Business Hub Poland and OSEC
  • Bulletin - a bilingual periodical of the Chamber dedicated to the successes and problems of Swiss companies in Poland as well as bilateral economic relations
Searching for business partners in Switzerland

Swiss companies interested in the Polish market, as well as Polish companies planning to enter the Swiss market, may benefit from the trade partner search service offered by the chamber. This service is chargeable.

Additionally the Chamber:
  • helps establish business relations
  • facilitates sponsorship of its meetings and provides promotion for sponsors
  • supports other initiatives of its member companies

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