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Airfreight delivery via Antonow AN124-100

Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o. is proud to announce a special airfreight delivery from Poland to Singapore. The cargo packed in three boxes of 26 850 kg, 43 300 kg and 25 850 kg, was transported via Antonow AN124-100 Ruslan, one of the largest cargo planes in the world.

Key logistics points:
•    Checking and modification boxes for air transport; loading boxes onto trailers designed to transport of oversize cargo.
•    Transport operations conducted by night to Warsaw Chopin Airport; in convoy with additional piloting required by the road authorities; route survey before driving.
•    Direct reloading operations onto „Antonov AN124-100 Ruslan” aircraft using a 200 t lifting capacity crane with 50 tons traverse and an especially prepared aircraft ramp.

The project was implemented in cooperation with Fracht offices in Switzerland and Singapore. Effective co-operation between the offices was the key to the success of the entire undertaking.

Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o.

Fracht FWO Polska is a member of the Fracht Group – a network of more than 70 logistics companies, owned by the Swiss company Fracht AG. We offer wide range of forwarding services, starting with simple trucking, up to complex logistics projects, concerning both European and global projects. Fracht FWO Polska work for big concerns, but also for the companies operating in local markets. Our advantages are the team of professionals and the stability confirmed by the fact that we have been operating in the market for 60 years now.

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