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BALAJCZA and their Fanletters – 7 years already!

We are pleased to announce that BALAJCZA has been preparing and sending out its Fanletters continuously since September 2010.

Our Fanletters have an innovative form and are addressed mainly to BALAJCZA’s customers and translators, but also to anyone interested in the world of foreign languages, cultural differences and travel.

Every week we send out a new Fanletter. It contains a wide range of information connected with languages, English and French idioms, interesting facts from all over the world, and amusing pictures concerning languages or a translator’s work.
Additionally, we present the most interesting events of the week taking place in our office.

You are most warmly welcome to sign up for our Fanletter 🙂 If you are interested, please contact us at: timea.balajcza@balajcza.pl