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BALAJCZA offering individual training in Business English and Français des Affaires

BALAJCZA offering individual training in Business English and Français des Affaires.

We are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the expansion of its business and with the needs of its clients in mind, BALAJCZA now offers professional individual training in both English and French, covering general, business and specialist language. Our portfolio of professional training courses is designed to meet the needs of all clients, whether private, institutional or corporate. We offer top-quality, tailor-made courses in Business English and Français des Affaires.
Employees in various positions at large companies generally have some knowledge of English or French, as most of us learn these languages at school. In the workplace, however, we are often faced with the need to go beyond a basic grasp of the language and to work with specialist jargon in our professional field. This is why our foreign language learning should develop new skills while polishing older ones. BALAJCZA adapts its courses to the needs of individual clients, no matter whether they require work on grammar, conversation, writing, vocabulary or even pronunciation.
We conduct specialist individual courses in the areas of business, law, IT, marketing and medicine as well as many others. Our objective is for clients to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary in their professional activity, regardless of specialization.


We can confirm that BALAJCZA is well-equipped to organize specialist foreign language courses. We have been involved in “foreign languages” for 5 years. From the beginning of our activity we have provided standard and sworn written translations, interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous), and comprehensive conference service. We provide translation services for all of the world’s languages, but our specialization since the beginning has been English and French. At present we cooperate with over 800 translators and 30 teachers of English and French. Today we are a stable, international company providing services to clients both in Poland and abroad. BALAJCZA has been a member of the Swiss Chamber in Poland for 2 years.

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