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BALAJCZA partner of the conference “Made in Poland”

We are very pleased to announce that BALAJCZA Specialized Translations was a partner of the Conference “Made in Poland”, which was held on 26 March 2015 in Warsaw. It was another conference organized by the publishing house Valkea for its yearbook Made in Poland. For BALAJCZA it was also another time, when we could supply our services of simultaneous interpreting at this kind of event.

The conference was a unique opportunity to debate between the invited experts, authorities on the subject of export and the Polish economy. The main topics were the “New directions in exports” and “Opportunities and barriers of export for Polish companies”. With the Russian embargo on Polish products, domestic entrepreneurs need to find new markets for their products. The discussion was attended by among others .: Michael Dembiński – Chief Advisor to the British Chamber of BPCC, Ryszard Sznajder – President of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce, Peter Soroczyński – Chief Economist of KUKE.