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BALAJCZA translates directly from Ukrainian to German

We are happy to inform you that BALAJCZA recently prepared a translation in Poland in a rare language combination – from Ukrainian to German. As you know, we are a translation agency which provides translation services in all languages of the world and in all language combinations. This means there are no linguistic challenges that we find impossible.

The translation pertained to a complicated contract and required an awareness of  legal language and judicial law from the translator.

In this particular situation, the text was first translated from Ukrainian to Polish, and then from Polish to German.. While not an ideal solution,  Balajcza has a very large network of translators-native speakers who reside outside Poland. This time we used the services of our German translator who lives permanently in her homeland.

If you require any translation services, please contact us by e-mail: balajcza@balajcza.pl