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CSR-Programme: Ekoaktywni.com

As of 1 January 2015, Rhenus Data Office Polska Sp. z o.o. (www.rhenus-data.pl), Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (www.otop.org.pl) and the Synapsis Foundation (www.synapsis.org.pl) launched a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, Ekoaktywni.com.

The program combines sales and loyalty functions (an online ordering platform for secure document destruction coupled with a rewards program), a variety of environmental conservation initiatives (shredding unnecessary or overdue documents helps conserve the available forest resources, while points collected by registered users may be used to support wild birdlife conservancy projects organized and managed by the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds), as well as initiatives to support the disabled (for the purposes of the conservancy initiatives organized by the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds and as part of their therapy, people with autism under the care of the Synapsis Foundation will build bird houses  and nest boxes). The wildlife conservancy initiatives will be further promoted by the employees and customers of Rhenus Data Office Polska as part of special events, including “Home for the common swift, joy for the children”, consisting in installing nest boxes on school buildings, or “Help the rollers feed their young”, which will promote the feeding of the European roller in the Kurpiowska Plain.

The most committed business partners to have the biggest contribution to the delivery of the program’s goals will be honored with an exceptional distinction – a gold, silver or bronze Hoopoe Certificate, confirming their outstanding dedication to nature conservancy initiatives.

About Rhenus Data Office Polska Sp. z o.o.:

As part of the Rethmann Group, the company belongs to the European logistics leader, Rhenus Logistics. Since 2001 the company has offered comprehensive records management services, including workflow management, document and other media storage, as well as secure document and media destruction.

More: www.rhenus-data.pl

About the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds:

Polish Society for the Protection of Birds is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 1991, whose main purpose is to provide protection to wild birdlife and their habitats. The primary aim of the organization is to maintain the environmental heritage for the benefit of the living and future generations, with the support of thousands of members and volunteers. Polish Society for the Protection of Birds is the Polish partner of the world’s largest nature conservation partnership: BirdLife International.

More: www.otop.org.pl

About the Synapsis Foundation:

Synapsis is a non-profit organization established in 1989/1990. The Foundation’s activity focuses on non-profit statutory activities combined with a dedicated business operation. The organization’s mission is to provide professional care to autistic adults and children and their families, as well as to develop systemic solutions to improve their quality of life.

More: www.synapsis.org.pl