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Forbo Flooring celebrating 150 years of linoleum

For Forbo Flooring 2013 is a year of celebration, in which we commemorate 150 years of Linoleum after filing the original patent for the industrial manufacturing of Linoleum floor covering in 1863 by Frederik Walton. Linoleum was invented by Frederik Walton in 1860 in the Scottish village of Nairn. It took another 3 years before Linoleum could actually be manufactured. The manufacturing patent is the bases for Linoleum as a resilient. Forbo Flooring today, both in Assendelft (Netherlands) and in Kirkcaldy/Nairn (Scotland), manufactures Linoleum, which under the Marmoleum brand is the world market leader in this specific resilient flooring category.

Marmoleum has since long moved away from the initial marbled beige and grey floors that come to mind. Forbo Marmoleum is a world of colour and design that is available in many different forms and styles. There are over 350 colours and more then 12 visual designs like marbled, patterned, linear and solid. Marmoleum is one of the true and versatile floor coverings of today, loved for its authenticity, tactility and natural material content. Besides floor covering, Linoleum ‘specials’ are also used for pin boards and furniture finishing.

An ingenious invention
Should Linoleum be invented today it would most certainly be seen as a revolution in the resilient offer. The combination of being both the most sustainable resilient floor and combining this with offering the lowest cost of ownership and the best LCA in the flooring industry is truly remarkable.

A natural product
Marmoleum is a natural product, made from 97% natural raw material, of which 72% is rapidly renewable in nature, and 43% is recyclable. This makes it the most sustainable floor covering as well as the floor that results in the lowest cost of ownership because of its easy maintenance.

It is a floor with a great heritage, linking the product to all the main architectural trends of the past 100 years. It is found in many functional buildings world wide that take care of the vital elements in our society, education and healthcare. Over the years Marmoleum has been installed in many hospitals, clinics, age care homes, schools and kinder gardens world wide. However these are not the only sectors where Marmoleum is found. The richness of its colour bank, the sustainable nature and the ease of maintenance makes it loved by architects, facility managers, building owners and end-users who also apply the product in retail chains, offices, leisure and hospitality outlets all over the world.

A new collection
To celebrate the 150 years of Linoleum, Forbo Flooring will introduce a completely renewed collection which is called “The Next Generation of Marmoleum”. An ultra performing floor with Topshield2 and a large variety of linoleum specials such as sheet & tiles, an acoustic and decibel offer as well as a superior fire classification are part of the introduction. The collection will be introduced with four design directions; Marbled, Linear, Patterned and Solid. The new collection will come to market in January 2013. More information is available on www.forbo-flooring.com.

Forbo Flooring Systems, responsible market leader
Forbo Flooring Systems is a global market player in Linoleum, project vinyl, carpet tiles, Flotex flocked flooring, Coral entrance systems and vinyl floor coverings. In addition to floor coverings, Forbo develops, manufactures and markets a full range of professional service products. All Forbo products combine high levels of functionality and durability. Forbo Flooring Systems is committed to environmentally responsible production and to far-reaching customer service. Forbo Flooring is part of the Swiss Forbo Group and owns twenty manufacturing plants and branches in 32 countries worldwide.

Please visit our website for more information: www.forbo-flooring.com. Or contact Forbo Flooring Marketing, Mr. Willem Burmanje at willem.burmanje@forbo.com.