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HICRON earned the status of Microsoft Silver Partner

Demonstration of adequate level of knowledge of technological consultants on Microsoft’s products and their certificationwas one of the requirements that HICRONhad to meet in order to become one of Microsoft’s partners in the area of Software Development. High sales of HICRON’s own solutions based on Microsoft software also had a favourable influenceon achieving the status of Microsoft Silver Partner.

Among HICRON’s products developed on the basis of Microsoft technology are HICRON POS (Point of Sale) that can be used to manage sales in points of sale and HICRONDMS Cockpit (Document Management System), used in order to create and manage folder structures within theSAP system. Said solutions were implemented by HICRONconsultants e.g. in companies Piekarnia Pod Telegrafem (HICRON POS) andAndritz (HICRONDMS Cockpit).

Belonging to the group of Microsoft Silver Partnersgives us a range of new opportunities. Firstly, we received access to a wide range of Microsoft products used for the purposes of training, tests andsimulation. Secondly, we were given the possibility to use Microsoft help in creation of own solutions, e.g. at design and implementation stages. Thirdly, we gained access to the most up-to-date knowledge onMicrosoft products during trainings and technological meetings organised for the closed group of Microsoftpartners– says Andrzej Gontarz, ITDepartment Manager at HICRONcoordinating processes connected with Microsoft certification.

Benefits of partnership with Microsoft in the area of Software Development are passed on to HICRON’s customers by reducing implementation times, reducing costs of maintenance of solutions and providing guarantee of highest quality of support confirmed by Microsoft.

When supplying software solutions to our customers we try as best as we can to play the role of not only a trusted advisor but also of an integratorwho understands end-to-end complexity of often heterogenic ITenvironments of our customers. In supplied solutions we try to use the best standard components coming from renowned suppliers, including SAP and Microsoft, integrating them knowledgeably and developingthem in the desired scope. And all this to make them as mature, complete and at the same time as optimised as possible from the point of view of the customer with respect to costs, executedprocesses and functionality.

Right direction of our activitiesis confirmed first of all by the opinion of our customers who entrust us more and more frequently with execution of comprehensive software undertakings extending beyond typical boundaries ofERPor CRM systems. Strengthening cooperation with our biggest partner – company SAP, and certification with other software manufacturers, e.g. Microsoft, is extremely important, especially in the context of confirmation of our qualifications – says RemigiuszEfinowicz, Member of the Board ofHICRON.