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Hilti devices help save human life

Application of Hilti devices in technical rescue

Warsaw, December 2019 – They enable rescuers to quickly reach casualties in situations when every second is crucial. Hilti devices help firefighters save precious time during rescue operations.

Hilti devices, extremely effective on the construction site, are used also in the event of natural disasters and during rescue and firefighting operations. They are reliable even in such difficult working conditions as those that firefighters have to cope with, supported by Hilti Polska, e.g. as part of #HiltiRatuje campaign. “Fire can spread very rapidly and intensively, which is why it is so important to get to its source quickly. Unfortunately, reality does not make it easy for us”, says Łukasz Wagner, FSC Business Development Manager at Hilti and a firefighter in the Chotomów Volunteer Fire Service.

Time is crucial

“Our basic task is technical rescue, that is enabling access to the injured” – says Łukasz Wagner. “To this end, firefighters must overcome a number of obstacles, often working in dangerous and rapidly changing conditions. During a fire, high temperature and smoke are as dangerous to human life and health as flames. Every second matters.”

Light and reliable

Hilti devices facilitate and accelerate the daily work of the Volunteer Fire Service team from Chotomów. The light and durable SR 6-A22 reciprocating saw used with special heavy duty Fire&Rescue saw blades enables cutting very thick metal, e.g. when pulling casualties out of crashed vehicles. The powerful and versatile AG 125-A22 angle grinder with a brushless motor enables quick cutting of padlocks and bolts. When it comes to removing life-threatening steel elements, it is recommended to use the SCM 22 circular saw that enables sparkless and – most importantly – cold cutting. For the toughest tasks, such as cutting window grates or hard concrete materials, firefighters use the compact and light DSH 600-X petrol saw. Firefighters often work in conditions that require additional lighting of the area. The SL 6-A22 jobsite lamp with a rotating head is a perfect solution in such situations.

All these devices are compatible with the same battery, which ensures convenient work. “We don’t even have to take the power generator out. Everything we need is in one tool case, so we save a lot of time” – emphasizes Łukasz Prusinowski, a firefighter from the Chotomów Volunteer Fire Service.

The Chotomów Volunteer Fire Service has a long tradition, dating back to 1918. Besides firefighting, for many years the Volunteer Fire Service actively participated in the life of the local community and was engaged in the national liberation movement. Currently, the Chotomów Volunteer Fire Service can boast of highly qualified staff and state-of-the art equipment. Hilti Polska is pleased to support such a rapidly growing organization.