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HOBAS® Wins ISTT No Dig Award with “Czajka”

3 meter large HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipes were utilized for the trenchless installation of an intercepting sewer leading to the wastewater plant “Czajka” in Warsaw. This is clearly far beyond average and it was no surprise that the project made waves every since ground was broken in 2009. However, the pipes’ XXL diameter and the extraordinary length of microtunneled line were not the project’s only impressive features. Thanks to the excellent properties of the pipe material, national as well as international records were broken regarding also the single drive lengths from one pit up to 930 m, the peak installation speed of 36 m per day and the small number of drives on the in total 5.7 km partly curved lengths.

Implemented by assignment of the MPWiK Warsaw (City Waterworks) and supported by the EU Cohesion Fund, the job is part of the largest environmental EU project “Water Supply and Sewage Treatment for Warsaw”. Microtunneling 5.7km of 3000 mm in diameter HOBAS CC-GRP pipes with state-of-the-art trenchless technology led to the shortest possible installation time and kept impacts on the environment and city-life to a minimum. With the combination of installation method and chosen pipe material the PBG Group executed an economically and ecologically most beneficial solution providing exceptionally long service life.

The project drew more than 500 international visitors including the GSTT convention to the site in Warsaw during the 13 months of installation works and last but not least convinced the ISTT jury of the technological importance this successfully implemented project presents: Within the bounds of the 29th international No-Dig trade fair in Berlin, on Wednesday May 5th and in presence of numerous professionals of the trenchless field as well as national STT leaders, ISTT chairman Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam ceremonially awarded HOBAS and PBG in the premises of the castle Charlottenburg for “Czajka” – the best trenchless construction project 2010.