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“Industry 4.0 – TCO and Smart Factory”

Doing business in a time of dynamic development of IT solutions, global competition and high dynamics of change is a major challenge in any industry. Maintaining competitive advantage is becoming a key factor for defining changes in companies, starting from the characteristics of products and services offered to applied technologies and organizational solutions.

An important argument for change may be striving to improve cost efficiency in the company, formally defined as TCO model – Total Cost of Ownership. Through analysis of direct and indirect costs in the enterprise, it is possible to indicate of the often invisible places that require improvement and consequently the implementation of new – efficient solutions.

Tangible values define modern solutions reducing the total cost of managing C-type elements of automated solutions for purchasing, logistics of engineering, production and finance. These areas of change can be very difficult to imitate by competitors, which could effectively extend the advantage on the market.

In practice, the functioning of companies operating in the TCO model, introduced processes are changes in implementation of technology and organizational solutions from innovative suppliers and subcontractors. The content of a public seminar titled: “Industry 4.0 – TCO and Smart Factory”, organized jointly by Bossard and Angst + Pfister, is based on such examples.

The seminar will be held in Łódź on 13October 2016 in Technopark Łódź.

More information about our seminars can be found at www.bossard.5klepek.pl

Do you want to learn how to reduce the costs associated with the management of C- type elements in your organization? Visit our seminar. We are convinced that participation will lead to new ideas on the development of the TCO model in your company.

You’re welcome.