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Membership satisfaction survey

A membership satisfaction survey was conducted at the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. 96% of our member companies would recommend cooperation with us to other companies. It is worth to supplement this result with how our members rate the cooperation with us. Up to 75% of the polled rate the cooperation 5 out of 5 possible points, another 15,4% gave us 4 points. In comparison to the previous year, this result falls favourably – in 2018 60% of the surveyed rated the cooperation with us for 5 points, whereas 35% rated it for 4 points.

New Year’s Meeting and Forums (CEO, CFO, CMO, HR Forum) are the most popular events and are best rated – respectively 62% and 71% of the polled, which participate in these meetings, gave them the best rate. Other popular formats include breakfast meetings, Economic Outlook and Polish-Swiss Innovation Day. Human Capital Practices Survey – our new initiative commenced in 2018 – was also highly assessed.

The communication with the Chamber was rated higher than in the previous edition. Up to 81% rated the communication as very good and 13,5% as good. In the previous edition, 67% of our members assessed the communication as very good and another 27% as good. The newsletter remains invariably our most popular communication channel, which is followed by our website. Our LinkedIn profile is growing more and more popular as it’s recognition has risen by 10 per cent points in comparison to 2008.

The last question concerned the new initiatives that we could take up in the upcoming year. Our member companies voted most of all for periodic networking meetings with new companies affiliated in the Chamber. Amongst other propositions there was also our cooperation with such institutions as Fundacja DigitalPoland, ABSL, Aspire, bringing together start-ups and companies interested in them as well as a development of regional representatives net.

In 2018 there were 49 companies polled. In 2019 there were 52 participants.