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Pasja Grupa Dobrych Trenerów J. Lewandowski P. Lewandowska sp.j.

New project for the Chamber’s companies!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A few years ago we had the pleasure of conducting a training project “ALL SPICE Sales Academy” at your place. From what we remember, your opinion was positive.

After years of intensive development of investments in the development of new areas, especially regarding the current global situation in the world and in Poland, we come up with a unique proposal to support the most important resource of the company, which are PEOPLE in all departments and at all organizational levels.

Recent years have been very demanding in terms of dealing with a large number of distractions and the uncertain situation resulting from the pandemic and the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

If you think that support in such areas as MENTAL STRENGTH, CONCENTRATION, STRESS MANAGEMENT, BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE would be important in your team and company, especially during negotiation and sales activities, as well as in building effective and harmonious teams, I will be happy to meet and talk about the EFFECTIVE use of MENTAL TRAINING in the area of ​​sports championship in the world of business.

Below is a short excerpt from the MENTAL training of the Polish national team in Amp Football.


Photos: Paula Duda