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Online breakfast with BALAJCZA – “Marianne, Marie, and the glass ceiling” from the series “French Cuisine” – part 3

This time we have a story for you about Michelin stars and the position of French women, not only in the world of cooking.

You will find out:

  • What does a tire tycoon have to do with Michelin stars?
  • How did the Allies use the culinary guide during the war?
  • What distinctions did Polish restaurants receive in the Michelin Guide 2020?
  • How many female chefs have 3 Michelin stars?
  • For whom were hens supposed to be manicured?
  • Why is the 13th and not the 14th of July a landmark date for women in France?
  • In which months do French women work for free?


You will also learn more about savoir-vivre in our QUIZ – “A knife and fork on a French table”.


The breakfast will be hosted by Kamila Radzyńska – a business coach specializing in intercultural communication, member of SIETAR Poland, R&D Manager with experience in foreign trade, French philologist, an enthusiast of the Far East, winner of a French General Knowledge Competition organized by radio PR III and France Inter.

The breakfast will be held in Polish.


To confirm your attendance, please contact us:.

Timea Balajcza, timea.balajcza@balajcza.pl
phone number: +48 601 913 446