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Online breakfast with BALAJCZA:

On 23 June 2020, BALAJCZA Linguistic Services organized the fourth online breakfast for its clients, business partners and associates.

The theme of the meeting was: “The key to success in intercultural relations.”

Do you know what is the key factor to achieve success in business? What is the basis for long-term professional partner relations?

That’s right, it’s trust! It constitutes the basis of interpersonal interaction, and largely determines whether or not we, as a company or an individual, achieve success.

That is why it is worth knowing:
• Why do the Japanese close their eyes during a business meeting?
• How to behave when a Finn invites you to the sauna?
• Why would a person from China ask if you had breakfast?
• Why would a German pay attention to your shoes?

How to build trust in intercultural relations is explained by Monika Guzek – intercultural trainer, project manager and university lecturer coordinating strategic and marketing projects, as well as the person responsible for implementation and adaptation of products aimed at the foreign markets.

Are you interested in attending these meetings? If so, please inform me in response to this Fanletter (fanletter@balajcza.pl). Everyone is welcome! 🙂