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Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o.

The Fracht Group is opening new offices in Europe!

The branch in Finland, located in Porvoo near Helsinki, will provide a full range of services of a logistics operator, with emphasis on the needs of industrial and key clients and the most rapidly growing branches in the region, which include the timber and paper industry and the power industry. The operations of the Danish branch, located in Copenhagen, will focus on servicing the power industry – both based on fossil fuels and renewable energy sources as well as the steel and cement industry, the construction industry and the infrastructure industry. The branch is primarily geared for oversize and heavy transports, but remains fully flexible in order to facilitate land, sea and air transport of standard cargos.

The opening of new offices is an important step for the entire Fracht Group, which, ever since its inception, has held global logistical services delivered to its customers through the development of its own branches and by establishing relations with business partners as one of its overriding gaols. By intensifying its operations in Scandinavia, the Fracht Group will be able to fulfil the needs of local customers and deliver comprehensive logistical solutions to its current counterparties in conjunction with their expansion onto new markets in an even more efficient manner.
We warmly welcome the Danish and Finnish offices to the Fracht Group and wish them every success!