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Webinar: New year, new provisions, new regulations on transfer pricing – new reporting (TP-R), documentation, sanctions

What is worth taking care of in the first quarter of 2020 to have a peaceful year?

Dear Taxpayer,

The new regulations on transfer pricing, in addition to documentary simplifications, significantly increase the scope of information to be provided to tax authorities. What will the new reporting look like? What do you have to watch out for, when using document exemptions? How do tax authorities interpret the new regulations? With the new year, without proper preparation in the coming months, many questions that will be difficult to find answers to may arise. If you do not want to put yourself at risk and if you want to enter the New Year with the right package of necessary knowledge and peace, take part in our webinar, that will take place on December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) from 9:30 to 11:00 (the event will be held in Polish).

During the webinar, CRIDO experts will bring up the following issues:

  • new thresholds and TP documentation exemptions– traps, practice, latest interpretations
  • TP statement on compliance with arm’s length principle – who signs, who is responsible for what and what sanctions can be imposed?
  • TP-R reporting – why should it be completed in advance?
  • new transfer pricing adjustments – what should you pay special attention to?
  • safe harbours – who can actually use, what documentation is required and what are the most common errors?
  • transfer pricing audits – latest statistics
  • how to manage tax risk in the context of new regulations on transfer pricing?

What will the webinar participant find out?

  • when you are not obliged to prepare transfer pricing documentation?
  • who and to what extent is now responsible for transfer pricing in companies?
  • what data we should provide to the tax administration in the TP-R form and why it is better to analyse this earlier?
  • how to perform a transfer pricing adjustment safely?
  • why it is better to update benchmarks earlier than later?
  • what are the conditions for exemption from having a benchmark?
  • how to prepare for changes? 


Michał Szwed
Partner in the transfer pricing team at CRIDO

Justyna Jóźwiak
Senior manager in the transfer pricing team at CRIDO




Contact to the organizer:

Izabela Rożek

e-mail: Izabela.Rozek@crido.pl

tel: +48 22 324 59 04

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