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Why do MMA fighters need an interpreter and what does sport have to do with business?

Can a sporting event have anything to do with a business meeting? Sport, like business, brings together people from all over the world – and when they meet, they have to find a common language. In such situations, interpreters make it possible to talk more freely, establish relations, negotiate… No worries about misunderstandings.

One great example is the participation of BALAJCZA Linguistic Services in the Polsat Sport programme “Koloseum – Magazyn Sportów Walki”. The foreign guest on the show was Serigne Ousmane Dia, a Senegalese wrestling champion who came to Poland to face Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 59. BALAJCZA’s interpreter simultaneously translated for him what the presenters were saying into French.

However, this is only one of the tasks taken on by BALAJCZA as part of our cooperation with Polsat Sport– we have translated from English, Dutch and Spanish in various sports such as football and boxing.

Simultaneous interpreting for the media is quite a challenge – it requires professionalism, good stress management and great presence. However, these same qualities also come in useful in less formal situations such as conferences, presentations, or even ordinary business meetings.

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