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Staffelbach & Partner Sarl

We help our clients to develop and implement their real estate strategy. We act exclusively in our clients’ interest. We focus on the Swiss market. Our company serves public entities, professional investors, and private clients with real estate assets.

We offer a unique blend of skills. We cover the entire real estate value chain:

  • The strategy process
  • The financing process
  • The development, planning and construction processes
  • The asset management, the property management and the facility management processes.

We serve clients in French, German, English, Italian and Polish.

Country: Switzerland
Voivodeship: Szwajcaria
Postal Code: CH-1007
City: Lausanne
Street: 28, Ave. Ed. Rod
phone: (+41) 78 721 43 36
www: staffelbach-partner.com
industry: EN - Construction / Real Estate