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01.01.1970, 00:00 - 00:00

5th Swiss-Polish Roundtable

On 6th November in Switzerland took place the 5. Polish-Swiss Roundtable. Cross Border Business in the Digital Age. Best Practices from Healthtech and Beyond.

The Polish-Swiss Roundtable aimed to bring together companies from Switzerland and Poland (ICT and Health Tech) to get to know each other and explore possibilities of exchange, collaboration and partnerships.

The meeting consisted of the following parts:

 Keynote presentation
Digital transformation in hearing healthcare by Francois Julita, Director Digital Experience, Sonova Group

Part 1: Cross border business
How Switzerland Global Enterprise supports Swiss SMEs – the case of Nufer Medical /
Benjamin Schwägli, Director Swiss Business Hub Poland
Benefits and pitfalls of working with IT partners
Anna Nowicka, International Business Development, JCommerce Sp. z o.o.
Innovation as a process. Defining the future of digital health and looking for a perfect solution / Izabela Sośnicka-Lipa, Head of Technology Center, Group Services, Global IT Solutions, Roche / Bartosz Łopiński, President, Billennium
Best practice approaches to get a footprint in the Swiss pharma/life science market
Antonio Monopoli, CEO & Founder, andPharma GmbH
Part 2: Blockchain business opportunities
Blockchain – a technological evolution and how to be a part of it / Ian Simpson, Chairman Communications WG, Crypto Valley Association
How to setup an ICO in Switzerland successfully?
Katharina Lasota Heller, Managing Partner, LEXcellence GmbH
Blockchain solutions – three elevator pitches
Niklas Leck, LifeBlocs (CH/USA)
Filip Pawczyński, Digital Assets Exchange (PL)
Kuno Bürge, Digital Ledger Systems AG (CH)

Roundtable discussion

How can blockchain facilitate cross border business?
Mateusz Kierepka, MedApp S.A.; Katharina Lasota-Heller, LEXcellence GmbH; Francois Julita, Sonova Group

We would like to thank the co-organizers for their cooperation during the organisation of the event and our sponsors Billennium, Roche and S-GE for the financial support of the meeting. Many thanks also to Polish Embassy in Bern for the patronage.