Chamber of Commerce

01.01.1970, 00:00 - 00:00

9th International Family Picnic

The 9h International Family Picnic was held at Ludowa Altana in Rozalin on 2nd September 2018. The event was organised in cooperation with the Belgian Business Chamber, Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Participants of the picnic had a possibility among others to check if their breakfast is well-balanced thanks to Nestle, take part in first aid workshops organized by Schiller and check their knowledge about bees and participate in games concerning good nutrition with vegetables having important role thanks to Syngenta.

Furthermore, children and adults took part in a dancing class, where they guessed dancing styles and had fun at bouncy castles and a climbing wall.

We would like to thank all guests for coming and sponsors for their support and attractive prizes.