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Swiss Pavilion at MachTool Fair 2016

Between 7th and 10th June 2016 we organized the Swiss Pavilion at the ITM Fair – Mach-Tool. 

It is a joint initiative of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Swiss Business Hub Poland which was held for the fifth time.

971 exhibitors and 17 483 visitors took part in this edition of the trade fair. Leading topic of the exhibition was “Innovation for the industry, drive for the business“. 

The Swiss Pavilion consisted of the following companies: Bogucki Engineering (www.bogucki.org), Dawin Plus, representative of Swiss company K.R Pfiffner AG (www.dawin.pl), EnerSys EMEA (www.enersys-emea.com), Haba AG (www.haba.ch), Otto Suhner (www.suhner-transmission-expert.com) and Schmiedewerk Stooss AG (www.stooss.pl / www.stooss.com).

Gudel Polska (www.gudel.com/pl) joined our initiative as well. Coffee was served by the company Jura (www.pl.jura.com).

Traditionally, on the second day of the trade fair, we organized Swiss-style apero for clients and business partners of Pavilion’s exhibitors.