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01.01.1970, 00:00 - 00:00

Vocational schools – a driving factor for business development?

On 28th November at the Centre for Practical Education in Wroclaw were held workshops on Vocational schools – a driving factor for business development? Partcipants of workshops were vocational schools and member companies.

The meeting was opened by a journalist from Gazeta Wyborcza, Bartosz Sendrowicz. It was followed by an official welcome by Commercial Counsellors of Swiss and Austrian Embassy: Lukas Schifferle and Stefan Stantejsky as well as Ewa Szczęch, Director of Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary School Department of Wroclaw City Hall.

The following representatives shared their experience in cooperation with schools and business:

– Anna Chołodecka, Director, Centre for Practical Education in Wrocław,
– Piotr Hnida, Director of Project Implementation, ZAE Sp. z o.o.,
– Iwona Fluder,  Junior Corporate Communication Manager, Nestlé Polska S.A.,
– Krzysztof Świerk, Director, Complex of Agricultural Schools, Centre for Practical Education in Kaczki Średnie.

After the official part it was time for workshops, during which companies and schools could plan short and long term activities and cooperation. This initiative had a bottom-up nature and served identification of common needs: both schools and companies in a specific region.

Facilitators of each working tables shared their conclusions from discussions, such as:

– “disenchantment” of vocational education,
– promotion of vocational education together with employers,
– career advice,
– delegating teachers for a training to companies.

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We would like to thank coorganizers and guests for their active participation in discussion.