Chamber of Commerce

Teraz Podatki Congress

07.03.2024, 09:00 - 14:00


We cordially invite you to the next edition of the Teraz Podatki Congress, which will take place on March 7, 2024
The event is organized by EY. The Swiss Chamber is pleased to be a partner of the event for the second time.

The Teraz Podatki Congress is an event that will cover the 10 most important tax challenges of 2024.

Detailed information and the registration form are available at: AGENDA AND REGISTRATION


Upcoming tax challenges:

9.00: Technological revolution in invoicing

Postponement of the introduction of the KSeF – practical consequences for taxpayers and further steps

Technology in the service of the taxpayer

9.30: BEPS 2.0

How will the implementation of the global minimum tax affect Polish companies?

10.00: Changes in CIT

Polish Minimum Tax - who does it apply to and how to prepare?


10.30: ESG tax aspects

New reporting obligations

Actions to take this year

11.00: Development of the tax function

Modern models of tax function management


11.30: Grants, grants and other sources of business financing

Where to find grants for business development?

Energy efficiency of enterprises

12.00: Effective sources of savings

Savings Solutions Program - how to save without saving?

Personnel costs in the company

Current tax practice:

12.30: Tax audits in 2024

How to reduce the risk of inspection?

Cooperation Program

13.00: Methods for transfer pricing

New optimization methods and most important responsibilities

1.30 p.m.: CBAM and VAT in international trade

Key challenges for 2024