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Finance & Tax Forum – Tax strategy – another obligation, but maybe also an opportunity for business?

08.04.2021, 11:00 - 12:30


We are pleased to invite you to the April edition of Finance & Tax Forum, whose content Partner will be CRIDO. The event will take place online on April 8, 2021 at 11:00 AM and will be titled:

Publication of information about the implemented tax strategy - another obligation, but maybe also an opportunity for business?

From 2021, large taxpayers and tax capital groups are required to publish information about the implemented tax strategy.

Public presentation of information incl. about the organization's approach to paying taxes, the operation of mechanisms responsible for the so-called the tax function, the operation of the company's financial team, planned restructuring or reported tax schemes require appropriate preparation. Each time the information that is disclosed to the public should be properly considered - so as to meet the requirements imposed by the new regulations, but also not to expose the organization to disclosure of confidential or sensitive information from the business side.

At the same time, the new obligation may be a - somewhat forced - occasion to consider whether all the processes responsible for the tax function actually work as they should, or whether it is worth working on them.

Despite the relatively clear purpose of the new regulations - the provisions on the obligation to publish information about the implemented tax strategy still raise many doubts and raise many questions:

  • Preparation and verification of a tax strategy - where did this idea come from?

  • For what year should the first information on the implemented tax strategy be prepared - 2020 or maybe 2021?

  • How to check - in borderline situations - whether the revenue criterion of EUR 50 million has been exceeded? For what period should the data be taken and at what rate should the conversion be made?

  • What is the situation of taxpayers whose tax year does not coincide with the calendar year?

  • What should the information about the implemented tax strategy contain?

  • How to practically approach the preparation of a tax strategy?

  • What can the company and taxpayers gain and lose by improperly approaching the new obligation? Can the way in which this obligation is carried out increase the risk of control?


Jan Furtas, partner in the CRIDO tax team, expert in tax procedures and cooperation program

Magdalena Pieślak, manager in the CRIDO tax team

If you are interested in participating, please contact us by e-mail: mb@swisschamber.pl