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Science: Polish Perspectives (SPP) Meetup Zurich

25.05.2019, 13:30 - 18:00


On 25th May, Polonium Foundation organizes the Science: Polish Perspectives (SPP) Meetup Zurich 2019.

Polonium Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a mission to turn Poland's brain drain into brain circulation. This event is part of a series of meetups connecting Polish scientific diaspora all over the world, and giving them a platform for discussion with academia, policy makers and industry in Poland. In Zurich, both young and established Polish researchers working in Switzerland will meet for a round of networking and interactive research presentations.

Polonium Foundation's annual SPP Conference happens since 2012 every autumn in Oxford or Cambridge, and since 2017 also in Berlin. The more local satellite events called SPP Meetups have been so far organized in Berlin, Stockholm, Delft, Florence, and New York. The SPP Meetup in Zurich will be the first event in Switzerland.

See event details on Facebook including agenda and follow details on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.