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Webinar: How to agile manage an enterprise in uncertain times? Many faces of outsourcing

23.11.2022, 11:00 - 11:45


We invite you to a webinar How to agile manage an enterprise in uncertain times? Many faces of outsourcing. The speakers will be Magdalena Małek, Business Development Manager (Adecco), Jarosław Janeczek, Business Development Manager (Adecco) and Szymon Stadnik, CEO (ITELENCE). The event will take place on November 23, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM and will be held in Polish.


We live in incredibly unstable times today. The COVID-19 pandemic from 2020, the war in Ukraine, or rampant inflation and economic instability. For many companies, running or continuing a business has become a challenge.

We cordially invite you to take part in our webinar, during which we will try to answer the question of how to agile manage a company in uncertain times? During our meeting, we will talk about the possibilities offered by outsourcing. We will try to explain the differences between outsourcing people and processes. We will also talk about various branches of outsourcing.

Thanks to participation in our webinar:

  • You will learn what are the possibilities in agile management of the enterprise in uncertain times

  • You will know the concept of outsourcing both people and processes

  • You will have a working knowledge of what marketing and sales outsourcing is, and what is IT outsourcing


  1. What is outsourcing?

  2. Outsourcing of people and processes

  3. Marketing and sales outsourcing

  4. IT outsourcing

This event is open and free to all participants, but we especially dedicate it to: Sales Directors, Key Account Managers, Trade, Brand or Product Managers, Directors and decision-makers in the area of ​​IT, e-commerce and Finance and Administration.

Registration for the event is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the regulations.