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BALAJCZA celebrates its 8th birthday

On March the 15th, Balajcza Specialized Translations, one of Poland’s largest translations agencies, celebrated its eighth year of market presence.

Despite being one of the younger translation market players, during that period we’ve managed to establish long term relationships with many renowned clients and build an extensive network of translators. The most important numbers in brief: one and a half thousand clients, 1200 translators and interpreters across the whole world delivering services in 250 language combinations. This year we’ve translated 2.5 million words and interpreted for more than 10 thousand conference participants.

And we certainly do not limit our operations just to Poland, with clients in West, North and South Europe. We are the language supplier of choice for numerous large international corporations, major local companies, investment funds and law firms. More than 300 businesses from the banking, power generation, insurance, manufacturing, trade and television industries saw fit to write extremely positive letters of recommendation for us.
Financial, legal, technical and marketing translations are our forte. We supply translation and interpreting services, sworn if required, we provide comprehensive conference services based on our own equipment as well as language tuition.

Membership in the French, Scandinavian Swiss and Netherlands Chambers of Commerce goes hand in hand with our company’s international operating profile.
We have entered the ninth year of our operations with plans in the pipeline to open a branch in one of West Europe’s French speaking countries.