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Forbo Flooring Poland


James Holmes, Head of Design Textiles at Forbo Flooring Systems, said: “Tessera Circulate cleverly juxtaposes two opposite design principles, yet it knits these seemingly disparate elements into a visually appealing design that is quite unlike any other random lay product. Tessera Circulate is perfect for the current trend towards softer, more fluid interiors which, in addition to its reduced installation wastage, make it an ideal choice for commercial installations, both large and small.”

As a multi-directional tile, Tessera Circulate can be laid in a completely random fashion and yet the unique modular pattern results in a cohesive effect once installed as the circles randomly connect across the blocks of colour. Installation time is therefore greatly reduced, as there are no directional rules to follow and no need to check the pile direction. Furthermore, as a random lay tile, fitting waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

Available in eight trend-inspired colourways, Tessera Circulate is complemented by 16 additional colour-block shades from Forbo’s Westbond collection of carpet tiles – which can be used to create both tone on tone and vivid colour ‘pops’, offering the opportunity to enhance meeting, break-out or feature areas even further.

The richly coloured Tessera Circulate tiles are made using 100% solution dyed yarn and are manufactured in line with Forbo’s green design principles, which means yarn with 20% recycled content has been used and tiles are precision cut to reduce wastage. The result is an attractive tile with a level of performance and durability that belies its modest pile weight.

Effectively batchless, Tessera Circulate tiles can be ordered in quantities as low as a single box, removing the need to order and store spare stock. In addition, the modular nature of Tessera Circulate makes it ideal for office spaces that may be required to change shape in the future, as new tiles can easily be added at a later date without the need to batch match.