Izba Gospodarcza
BALAJCZA Linguistic Services

Four thousand days of translation, or, in other words, 11 years of BALAJCZA Linguistic Services

BALAJCZA Linguistic Services is celebrating its 11th birthday this month – on 15 March 2010 Timea Balajcza decided to turn her passion for languages into a thriving business.

And so she did. Today BALAJCZA offers not only interpretation and translation services, but also language courses as well as thematic meetings and workshops which attract an increasing number of participants.

That is why we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have supported us on this journey, who have believed in us and who wish us well – our employees, translators, interpreters, partners, clients and all our friends.

To all those who haven’t met us yet – come and join our world in which we will understand each other – maybe not without words, but certainly without difficulty!