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Human Capital Practices Survey 2018

– Flexible working hours, lunch vouchers or daily delivery of fresh fruits? What kind of non-financial benefits are the most common? What do you have to offer?
– The infamous avokado – how far will you go to make your employees happy?
– Do you trust your employees’ judgement enough to implement a referral program? 37,50% of our respondents do.
– Is not paying your interns barbarian or perfectly normal? 60% claim that… what’s your guess?

About the project and its outcome

At the turn of June and July 2018, Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in association with Boyden Poland conducted a Human Capital Practices Survey. The survey has been created by a working group of Swiss companies affiliated with the Chamber.

It had a simple and relatively short formula, with a future goal to conduct it once a year. This way the participating companies received a relevant information on how the Human Capital practices (i.e. incentives, benefits) are developing and how the companies adapt to the ongoing changes.

The survey asked a total of 58 questions, including open-ended, single- and multiple choice questions and was finally filled out by approx. 50 companies.

In fact, the survey confirmed the following conclusions:
– Attracting and maintaining qualified personnel has become more and more difficult and create a real challenge for the companies.
– One of the less costly measures to meet the employee expectations is development of non-compensation related benefits.
– Poland follows the trends previously noticed in Western Europe as an outcome of last years’ consequent economic development as well as presence of many foreign companies/investments.
– Swiss companies in Poland are currently recruiting due to both their and local (Polish) market development.
– Costs and choice of incentives / benefits are progressively increasing. Nevertheless, this is compensated by faster companies’ performance growth, as a result of significant employees’ involvement increase.

The report was followed by two events during which the results were presented. Both CEOs and people from HR departments were able to exchange experiences and discuss challenges among their peers with regard to the report.

The survey has been supplemented with additional questions about planned and realized salary increase in years 2017-2019. The results showed that the actual percentage of increase was always higher than the one forecast in the budget.

Below you will find an excerpt from the report.

Should you be interested in participating in the next edition of the project, please contact Aleksandra Taciak, Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, at@swisschamber.pl mobile: +48 666 837 373.