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Online breakfast with BALAJCZA – “Lesser-known Wine Regions of Italy”

Thursday, 18 May 2023

8 am-9 am

Italy produces more than 2 billion bottles of wine a year. And while everyone knows about Barolo, Prosecco and Primitivo, only a few have heard of the hidden wine-gems which the Belpaese is rich in. If you would like to bridge this gap, I might have the right journey for you. My tour will take you outside the beaten path, to lift the veil of mystery that lies upon some regions and their wines. We will, of course, cover the most famous areas (Piedmont, Tuscany, and so on) in order to refresh your knowledge and help you get your bearings. But once that is done, we will dive straight into an unknown world of vineyards stretching on glacial soils, among castles and steep walls, green hills and natural parks, nestled on sun-drenched terroirs swept by the Mediterranean breeze. We are going to journey from the mighty peaks of the Alps to a tiny little island which lies at Africa’s doorstep – with a lot of stops in between, of course. To make sure that you find something to suit your taste, there will be relevant information on the characteristics of every region and the profile of its wines.

And – it goes without saying -, where there is wine, there must be food: be prepared to hear about some local dishes which you have not heard of yet – but which you will want to try! For the first time in your life, you might crave wine & savory foods at 8 am in the morning.

The meeting will be conducted by:

Cristiano Berta – a linguist, sommelier, ski instructor and mountain lover. An Italian from Piedmont with extensive international experience. He grew up in Germany, studied in Italy, and worked in Denmark, Norway, Canada, and Switzerland.

Partner of the meeting: Sietar Polska

The meeting will be held in English.

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