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Online breakfast with BALAJCZA – “The Male World of Gastronomy” from the series “French Cuisine” – part 2

We would like to invite you to another meeting from the “French Cuisine” series. The theme of the online breakfast on Thursday, November 19 at 8.00 am will be “The Male World of Gastronomy”. Several key figures who have influenced the culinary arts, not only in France, will be introduced.


Participants will find out:


* Who introduced the trend of eating vegetables and fruits?

* How did the Sun King tame the seasons?

* Who created the Béchamel sauce?

* What is foie gras made of?

* Which French region is famous for the best pâtés?

* Who created the classic grande cuisine for high society?

* Is it appropriate to say “bon appétit”?


Details on etiquette will be explained in our QUIZ – “Bon ton in a French restaurant”.


The meeting will be hosted by Ms. Kamila Radzyńska, a business trainer specializing in intercultural communication, a member of SIETAR Poland, R&D Manager with experience in foreign trade, Romanist, Far East enthusiast, and winner of the French General Knowledge Competition organized by radio PR III and France Inter.

The online breakfast will be held in Polish.


To confirm your attendance, please contact:

Timea Balajcza, timea.balajcza@balajcza.pl
tel.:+48 601 913 446