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THE Y REVOLUTION? An international survey on Generation Y: Their aspirations and relationship with gender equality and business

A generation that demands its right to happiness and that is eager to see gender equality emerge in business.
This study outlines the progress that remains to be completed in order to measure up to Generation Y’s expectations, regardless of the country or continent. More open, more flexible, more creative, more respectful of gender equality, the company is transformed under the pressure of currently employed generations and will continue its inevitable evolution with the arrival of Generation Y. It is difficult for companies to respond to this generation that is in search of meaning, but certain lessons from the survey bring good news for today’s managers who are confronted with Yers across 5 continents!

Wanting to know more about the generation that is arriving in business and questioning the existing model, Mazars has conducted a survey via the internet and social networks, on the aspirations of Generation Y and their relationship with gender equality and business.
More than 1000 young people from 64 different nationalities responded to the questionnaire from July to August 2012. This survey was conducted jointly with WoMen’Up, an association that works on Generation Y, gender equality and networking on behalf of large companies.

The cross interview between Laurent CHOAIN, chief HR Officer of Mazars, Emmanuelle DUEZ and Adeline BRAESCU-KERLAN, co-founders of WoMen’Up.

The complete study