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We translate into the language of benefits… 20% off!

The year 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges, which are tackled by each company differently – it often means setting priorities and making difficult decisions.

When we need translation, we are often torn apart – we have to bear the costs in mind and carry out the tasks at the same time.

What if we didn’t have to choose? If we didn’t have to wait for months just to finally delete another item from our to-do list?

In BALAJCZA we know that every company is unique and has particular needs, so we offer you a discount on every order – financial, legal, technical or marketing.

We are different, yet there is something that unites us all… We all speak the language of benefits!

Therefore, in November and December 2020, we encourage you to use a 20% discount on translations from any field. There is no need to postpone this decision again, here price is the priority.

This way, you will be able to work on your translation without any delay, the costs will not get out of control and you will say goodbye to this difficult year with peace of mind!

The promotion was prepared especially for the companies which together with us co-create the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.


Contact us for the offer details:

Iwona Bułacz

Customer Service Manager


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