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Highlights for the 52nd season include:

• Record number of national and regional competitions, with 58 competitions worldwide.
• 10th anniversary of the Russian Jessup Competition. White & Case organized the first Jessup competition in Moscow with only 14 teams, and today it is the largest national competition in the world, with 62 teams registered this year.
• First-ever national competition in Iraq hosted 16 Jessup teams.
• Record number of registered Jessup teams: 600.
• Two additional teams competing this year from Afghanistan, raising the total number to five.
• Introduction of White & Case Jessup Judge Training videos to help prepare Jessup judges and which is available at http://jessup.whitecase.com/judges/.
• Survey of Jessup law students on the role of international law, with results to be released in March.

Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition. More than 2,000 law students participate each year, representing over 550 law schools from 80 countries. Students are required to present oral and written arguments on a hypothetical international law case to a simulated International Court of Justice. Most teams will compete first in the national and regional competitions to earn the right to advance to the 2011 White & Case International Rounds, which will be held 20-26 March in Washington, DC. The winning team will take home the White & Case Jessup Cup.
The 2011 Jessup Problem addresses several issues between two fictional countries, including the legality of military air strikes using unmanned drones, a ban on women’s clothing that has religious significance and bribery and corruption.
Photos and up-to-the-minute results will be posted throughout the White & Case International Rounds at www.jessup.whitecase.com.

For additional information and updates on the Jessup Competition, join our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/jessup.whitecase) and follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/JessupWhiteCase).

Note to Editors: Following is the schedule for the 12 White & Case-sponsored 2011 Jessup competitions:

• Australia, Canberra, 1-5 February
• Brazil, Porto Alegre, 1-3 March
• Canada, Alberta, Calgary, 2-5 March
• China, Ji Nan City, 21-25 February
• Czech Republic, Prague, 18 February
• Georgia, Tbilisi, 13-14 February
• Poland, Warsaw, 3-4 March
• Russia, Moscow, 2-6 February
• South Africa, Johannesburg, 27-29 January
• United Kingdom, London, 17-20 February
• United States, Washington, DC, Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition, 17-20 February
• White & Case International Rounds, Washington, DC, 20-26 March

About ILSA
The International Law Students Association (ILSA) is a worldwide association of law students and legal professionals dedicated to the promotion of international law. In addition to the Jessup Competition, ILSA administers a variety of educational programs, including the organization of four annual conferences, the publication of various written works and periodicals, and the global coordination of student chapter organizations devoted to international law.

About White & Case
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