Chamber of Commerce

EMC-Forto Sp. z o.o.

The EMC-FORTO company is the only authorized distributor in Poland of AMETEK CTS products (EM TEST, IFI, MILMEGA, TESEQ). Together with the distribution of new products, the offer also includes after-sales service in the scope of updating, extending and calibrating EMC measurement and research devices. We work for our clients providing the highest level of service, from the consultation and analysis phase through the selection of the right solution, delivery, to the implementation phase and throughout the life cycle.

Country: Polska
Voivodeship: mazowieckie
Postal Code: 08-110
City: Siedlce
Street: Berdyczowska 11
phone: +48 518 643 512
e-mail: info@emcforto.pl
www: www.emcforto.pl
industry: EN - Machine / Electronics / Metal and Synthetic Materials Industry