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TAT ECO sells and installs photovoltaic systems, energy storage and heat pumps for individual and institutional customers.
We pay special attention to the quality of our devices and installations. We design each installation for individual customer needs, taking into account technical and economic optimization in the selection of equipment and materials.
We help with all formalities related to the notification of a photovoltaic installation to the power grid operator, as well as when submitting an application for subsidies for a photovoltaic installation, energy storage or heat pump.
TAT ECO’s mission is to provide quality assurance services.

Country: Polska
Voivodeship: mazowieckie
Postal Code: 01-529
City: Warszawa
Street: Kaniowska 80/1
phone: 662 186 461
e-mail: t.tutak@tateco.eu
www: www.tateco.eu
industry: EN - Energy Industry