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How Switzerland has achieved success? Ideas for Poland.

On the 28th November at the Warsaw University Library a debate “How Switzerland has achieved success? Ideas for Poland” took place.

The debate was organised together with the Swiss Embassy and the Civil Development Forum (Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju) and was inspired by two books recently published “Swiss Made- The Untold Story behind Switzerland’s success” (R. James Breiding) and “Możesz być bogaty- czyli jak Szwajcarzy osiągnęli sukces gospodarczy” (W. Koydl).

The Swiss Ambassador to Poland Andrej Motyl opened the debate, in which the following experts took part: Secretary of State for the Ministry of Development – Jadwiga Emilewicz, representative of FOR – Dr Andrzej Rzońca, Managing Director of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce  – Ulrich Schwendimann, editor-in-chief of „Handelszeitung” – Stefan Barmettler and the Vice-President of the Polish Business Roundtable – Wojciech Kostrzewa. The discussion was moderated by Bogusław Chrabota – editor-in-chief of „Rzeczpospolita”.

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Speech of Professor Leszek Balcerowicz – video

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