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Swiss Pavilion at MachTool Fair 2015

The Chamber organized Swiss Pavilion during the ITM Fair – Mach-Tool Exhibition on 9-12 June 2015.

It is a joint initiative of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Swiss Business Hub Poland which was held for the fourth time.

The Pavilion included stands of the following companies: Bibus Menos (www.bibusmenos.pl), Bogucki Engineering (www.bogucki.org), Dawin Plus, representative of Swiss company K.R Pfiffner AG (www.dawin.pl), Fracht FWO Polska (www.frachtfwo.pl) and Otto Suhner (www.suhner-transmission-expert.com). 

Also Gudel Polska (www.gudel.com/pl) joined our initiative. Coffee was served by the company Jura (www.pl.jura.com).

Traditionally, on the second day of the Fair, we organized Swiss-style apero for clients and business partners of Pavilion’s exhibitors.   

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